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Operation New Uniform (ONU) is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to empower active duty servicemembers, veterans and military spouses to successfully transition from military life to purposeful, stable careers. We rely upon the generosity of grantors and donors to support and sustain our mission.

Loyalty Brigade Members: Jerome Ballard, Robert Barber, Abraham Blocker, John Blount, Leah Boyd, Robert Buehn, Brian Butler, Lou Caldropoli, Daniel Dalesio, Mary D’Errico, Timothy Edwards, April Ethridge, Donald Farley, Lisa Gillespie, Tim Goering, Terri Gustin, Ryan Hollister, Ralph Kauzlarich, David Kennett, Jeremy Leiby, Joseph Marr, John McManamon, Michele McManamon, Pat McManamon, Chris and Char Miller, Leigh Mills Jacobs, Carrie Paul, Sam Peluso, Tom Quinn, Edward Rundt, Alan Simon, Dan Stein, Rob Surgeoner, Harold and Nanette Tool, David Trenholm, Jeffrey and Elissa Wallace, and Efferem Williams

Join our Loyalty Brigade

Join the monthly Loyalty Brigade now and ensure transitioning active duty servicemembers, veterans and military spouses never have to pay for ONU’s life-changing program.

2023 Loyalty Brigade

  • Jerome Ballard
  • Robert Barber
  • lohn Blount
  • Leah Boyd
  • Robert Buehn
  • Brian Butler
  • Lou Caldropoli
  • Daniel Dalesio
  • Mary D’Errico
  • Timothy Edwards
  • April Ethridge
  • Donald Farley
  • Lisa Gillespie
  • Tim Goering
  • Terri Gustin
  • Ryan Hollister
  • Ralph Kauzlarich
  • David Kennett
  • Jeremy Leiby
  • Joseph Marr
  • John McManamon
  • Michele McManamon
  • Pat McManamon
  • Chris & Char Miller
  • Leigh Mills-Jacobs
  • Carrie Paul
  • Sam Peluso
  • Tom Quinn
  • Edward Rundt
  • Alan Simon
  • Dan Stein
  • Daniel Starratt
  • Rob Surgeoner
  • Harold & Nanette Tool
  • David Trenholm
  • Jeffrey & Elissa Wallace
  • Efferem Williams

Join Our Loyalty Corps

When your company becomes a member of the Operation New Uniform (ONU) Loyalty Corps, your donation supports the transition needs of active duty servicemembers, veterans and military spouses in search of their “new uniform” in the business world. At ONU, we partner with the members of our Loyalty Corps to fulfill their mission.

Loyalty Corps

Sign Up to Volunteer for Veterans

We hope you will consider volunteering with us throughout the year. We have events monthly, and two signature fundraisers annually. Sign up today: Sign-Up Form